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Basic Information of Protein
UniProt ID 14336_ARATH
UniProt AC P48349
Protein Name 14-3-3-like protein GF14 lambda
Gene Name GRF6
Organism Arabidopsis thaliana (Mouse-ear cress).
Sequence Length 248
Subcellular Localization Nucleus . Cell membrane . Cytoplasm . Translocates from the cytosol to the nucleus when phosphorylated by CRPK1 in response to cold stress.
Protein Description Is associated with a DNA binding complex that binds to the G box, a well-characterized cis-acting DNA regulatory element found in plant genes (By similarity). Specific negative regulator of slow-vacuolar (SV) ion channel. Mediates F-actin dynamics possibly through inhibiting ADF1 phosphorylation. [PubMed: 26345162 Negative regulator of freezing tolerance that modulates cold-responsive C-repeat-binding factors (CBF) DREB1A AND DREB1B proteins stability by facilitating their ubiquitin-mediated degradation when activated by CRPK1-mediated phosophorylation in freezing conditions]
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