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Myristoylation is a common lipid modification of proteins in Eukaryotes and their Viruses as well as some Bacteria and essential for the function of several important proteins (such as G proteins, SRC and related kinases, ADP ribosylation factors, HIV gag, HIV nef,...). The saturated 14-carbon fatty ...
Taxonomy : Eukaryota
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Article : MYRbase: analysis of genome-wide glycine myristoylation enlarges the functional spectrum of eukaryotic myristoylated proteins. Genome biology.
Author : Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Masaki Gouda, Maria Novatchkova,Alexander Schleiffer, Georg Schneider, Fernanda L Sirota,Michael Wildpaner, Nobuhiro Hayashi and Frank Eisenhaber
Years : 2004
PubMed : 15003124