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Basic Information
Protein Name :  Glucokinase  

UniProtKB / Swiss-Prot ID :  HXK4_HUMAN

Gene Name (Synonyms) : 

Species :  Homo sapiens (Human). 

Subcellular Localization :   

Protein Function :  Catalyzes the initial step in utilization of glucose by the beta-cell and liver at physiological glucose concentration. Glucokinase has a high Km for glucose, and so it is effective only when glucose is abundant. The role of GCK is to provide G6P for the synthesis of glycogen. Pancreatic glucokinase plays an important role in modulating insulin secretion. Hepatic glucokinase helps to facilitate the uptake and conversion of glucose by acting as an insulin-sensitive determinant of hepatic glucose usage. 

Protein Variant
4D -> N. VAR_003692
11A -> T. VAR_010583
36R -> W (in MODY2). VAR_010584
53A -> S (in MODY2). VAR_010585
70E -> K (in MODY2; large increase in Kmfor glucose).
80G -> A (in MODY2). VAR_003694
80G -> S (in MODY2). VAR_003695
107M -> T. VAR_003696
108Y -> H (in MODY2). VAR_010586
110I -> T (in MODY2). VAR_012352
119A -> D (in MODY2). VAR_012353
131S -> P (in MODY2; significant increase inthe Km and in the affinity for ATP).
137H -> R (in MODY2). VAR_010587
150F -> S (in MODY2). VAR_010588
164L -> P (in MODY2). VAR_012350
168T -> P (in MODY2). VAR_010589
175G -> R (in MODY2). VAR_003698
182V -> M (in MODY2). VAR_003699
188A -> T (in MODY2; large increase in Kmfor glucose).
203V -> A (in MODY2). VAR_003701
209T -> M (in MODY2). VAR_010590
210M -> K (in MODY2). VAR_012351
210M -> T (in MODY2). VAR_010591
213C -> R (in MODY2). VAR_010592
221E -> K (in MODY2). VAR_003702
226V -> M (in MODY2). VAR_003703
227G -> C (in MODY2). VAR_003704
228T -> M (in MODY2). VAR_003705
256E -> K (in MODY2). VAR_003706
257W -> R (in MODY2; almost complete loss ofactivity).
259A -> T (in MODY2). VAR_010593
261G -> E (in MODY2). VAR_010594
261G -> R (in MODY2). VAR_003708
279E -> Q (in MODY2). VAR_003709
299G -> R (in MODY2). VAR_003710
300E -> K (in MODY2). VAR_003712
300E -> Q (in MODY2). VAR_003711
309L -> P (in MODY2). VAR_003713
336S -> L (in MODY2). VAR_010595
342T -> P. VAR_066615
367V -> M (in MODY2). VAR_010596
382C -> Y (in MODY2). VAR_010597
384A -> T (in MODY2). VAR_010598
385G -> V (in MODY2). VAR_012354
392R -> C (in MODY2). VAR_010599
414K -> E (in MODY2; large increase in Kmfor glucose).
455V -> M (in HHF3). VAR_003715
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Protein-Protein Interactions
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INS_HUMANin vitroHPRD:00680HPRD12101177
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Disease Reference
Kegg disease
OMIM disease
125851Maturity-onset diabetes of the young 2 (MODY2)
602485Familial hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia 3 (HHF3)
Drug Reference
There are no disease associations of PTM sites.
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